Mississippi Labor Law Poster


Most Recent Major Changes:

Unemployment Insurance (10/13)

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The 24″ x 11″ poster includes:

  • Emergency Numbers
  • Unemployment Insurance (09/17)
  • Workers Comp 2001
  • Hand washing: Its in Your Hands

As recommended by the State of Mississippi the poster also contains the following special Federal postings:

  • Federal Migrant & Seasonal Workers Notice
  • Federal Special Minimum Wage Posting

This posting only includes the state labor law postings. It does not include the Federal Labor Law postings. A separate Federal Labor Law poster may be ordered below.

Common Labor Law Questions

Labor law posters display employment notices that are required by state and federal agencies. Failure to post required notices could result in penalties. Each agency has it’s own requirements about who needs to display their notice. Some postings require at least one employee, and some require their notice to be displayed if an employer has more than 5.
What major changes have been made to the labor law posters?

State and federal agencies often update and change policies and the notices that display them. To see a current list of changes, visit our most recent changes page.

Where should labor law posters be displayed?

State and Federal notices should be clearly displayed where they are easily visible to all employees such as an employee break room.

Are Spanish labor law posters required to be posted?

The general intent of labor law posting requirements is to communicate to employees various rights and information. Legally, whether to post in Spanish or not varies depending upon different state and federal agencies. If you have employees whose primary language is Spanish, it is in your best interest to post both English and Spanish posters.


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