Hazcom Safety Data Sheets Training Video Kit


20 minute DVD & CD-Rom Containing:
PowerPoint Presentation & Manual, along with the standard Outline, Quiz, Answer Key, Certificate, Wallet Cards…



New 2012 changes to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) are bringing the U.S. into alignment with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), improving safety and health protections for America’s workers. These new revisions to OSHA’s current Hazard Communication Standard, the GHS is expected to prevent injuries and illnesses, save lives and improve trade conditions for chemical manufacturers. The Hazard Communication Standard in 1983 gave the workers the ‘right to know,’ but the new Globally Harmonized System gives workers the ‘right to understand.’

The new Hazard Communication Standard still requires chemical manufacturers and importers to evaluate the chemicals they produce or import and provide hazard information to employers and workers by putting labels on containers and preparing safety data sheets. However, the old standard allowed chemical manufacturers and importers to convey hazard information on labels and material safety data sheets in whatever format they chose. The modified standard provides a single set of harmonized criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health and physical hazards and specifies hazard communication elements for labeling and safety data sheets.

DVD with a CD-Rom Containing: Outline (English & Spanish), Quiz (English & Spanish), Answer Key, Certificate, Training Log, Wallet Card, PowerPoint Presentation (English & Spanish) & Manual

National Safety Compliance has developed this training video and materials to assist employers in training their workers about GHS/Hazcom Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

The video is 12 minutes and addresses the major areas needed to comply with the standard, including:
  • Contents of the OSHA Standard
  • Safety Data Sheets
    • Identification
    • Hazard Identification
    • Composition/Info on Ingredients
    • First-aid Measures
    • Fire-Fighting Measure
    • Accidental Release Measures
    • Handling and Storage
    • Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
    • Physical and Chemical Properties
    • Stability and Reactivity
    • Toxicological Information
    • Ecological Information
    • Disposal Considerations
    • Transportation Information
    • Regulatory Information
    • Other Information
The following are previews of the Hazard Communication Safety Training videos:


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