Group General Lockout Kit for Electrical


  • A 1458 Portable Safety Organizer Kit containing:
  • 6-LO410RED Zenex™ padlocks, keyed different
  • 2-LO7C5RED breaker switch padlocks, keyed different
  • 1-LO420 lockout hasp
  • 1-LO427 snap-on red hasp
  • 1-LOS806 adjustable cable lockout
  • 1-LO487 small electrical plug cover
  • 1-LO488 large electrical plug cover
  • 2-LO491B Grip Tight Lockout device for wide or tall breaker toggles
  • 4-LO493B Grip Tight lockout device for standard size breaker toggles
  • 2-LO496B Universal wall switch cover for toggle and paddle switches
  • 2 bags of 12 each-LO497A Danger Tags (24 total)


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