Forklift… Things You Should Know Poster


18″ x 24″ Motivational Poster for Forklift… Things You Should Know

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Full Color Motivational Safety Poster 18″ x 24″ Laminated

Forklifts… Things You Should Know
The employer shall ensure that each forklift operator is competent to safely operate a forklift, as demonstrated by successful completion of the training evaluation specified in 29 CFR 1910.178 (l)

Forklifts shall be examined before being placed in service. Forklifts shall not be placed in service, or shall be removed from service if the examination shows any condition adversely affecting the safety of the vehicle. Such examination shall be made daily. All repairs shall be made by authorized personnel.

When a forklift is left unattended, the load engaging means shall be fully lowered, controls shall be neutralized,
power shall be shut off and brakes set. A forklift is unattended when the operator is 25 feet or more away from
the vehicle or it is not in his/her view.

All traffic regulations shall be observed, including authorized plant speed limits. A safe distance shall be maintained, approximately three forklift lengths from the forklift ahead, and the forklift shall be kept under control at all times. The driver shall be required to look in the direction of and keep a clear view of the path
of travel.

When ascending or descending grades in excess of 10 percent, loaded trucks shall be driven with the load upgrade. On all grades the load and load engaging means shall be tilted back if applicable, and raised only as far as necessary to clear road surface.

Fuel tanks shall not be filled while the engine is running. Spillage shall be avoided. Spillage of oil and fuel shall
be carefully washed away or completely evaporated and the fuel tank cap replaced before restarting the engine.

Forklifts shall not be driven up to anyone standing in front of a bench or other fixed object. No person shall
be allowed to stand or pass under the elevated portion of any forklift, whether loaded or empty. Unauthorized
personnel shall not be permitted to ride on forklifts.

Brakes shall be set and wheel blocks shall be in place to prevent movement of trucks, trailers, or railroad cars while loading or unloading. Dockboards or bridgeplates, shall be properly secured before they are driven over. Dockboards or bridgeplates shall be driven over carefully and slowly, and their rated capacity never exceeded.

Forklifts shall be kept in a clean condition, free of lint, excess oil, and grease. Noncombustible agents should be used for cleaning forklifts. Low flash point (below 100 degrees F) solvents shall not be used. High flash point (at or above 100 degrees F) solvents may be used.

Fire exits, entrances to stairways and fire equipment shall not be blocked or obstructed.

Horseplay and reckless driving are never permitted.

Running over loose objects on the roadway surface shall be avoided.


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