Ergonomics Informational Poster


18″ x 24″ Motivational Poster for Ergonomics Informational Poster



Full Color Motivational Safety Poster 18″ x 24″ Laminated

industrial ergonomics

risk factors

– Lifting, carrying or lowering an object
– Pushing or pulling objects
– Gripping objects

– Job tasks with little variety
– New employees who are not accustomed to the job tasks

– Repeated or prolonged reaching above shoulder height
– Extended reaches across wide work areas
– Kneeling, squatting and leaning over another object
– Bending or twisting the torso while lifting
– Bending to work at a lower level
– Looking down to work
– Holding or using tools in a non-neutral or fixed position
– Maintaining fixed positions, such as sitting or standing, for extended periods
– Typing or performing other work with bent wrist

– Edges of desks or work tables press into arms, legs and other body parts
– Striking objects with your hand, foot, knee or other body part

– Working in extremely cold and hot tempatures
– Areas of high noise levels
– Areas that are too dark or brightly lit

– Fatigued, sore or numb muscles
– Increased sensitivity to cold
– Decreased sensitivity to touch in fingers hands and arms


– Utilize equipment made for lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, pulling or gripping.
– Reduce the size of the load being moved when possible.
– Arrange work spaces to keep materials in front of you, between shoulder and waist height and maintain work height at or about elbow high.
– Position supply and disposal areas to eliminate the need to twist when reaching.
– Use proper lifting techniques.
– Keep tools clean, maintained and in good operational condition.
– Cross train employees to allow rotation through different jobs with different physical demands.
– Take breaks which allow recovery and rest for the body.
– Adjust the work pace.
– Use height-adjustable tables, chairs, desks, etc.
– Use seats with backrest, lumbar support and arm rest.
– Use electric or powered tools and equipment.
– Place cushioning material on edges.
– Wear cushioned shoes.
– Maintain constant temperatures.
– Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
– Keep your work areas well lit.


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