Easy To Prevent Burns Safety Poster


18″ x 24″ Motivational Poster for Easy To Prevent Burns Poster

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Full Color Motivational Safety Poster 18″ x 24″ Laminated

EASY Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent BURNS

– Wear long sleeves and long pants when cooking.
– Use potholders, gloves and mitts. Never use wet materials as potholders.
– Adjust burner flames to cover only the bottom of the pan.
– Check hot food on stoves carefully.
– Avoid steam; it can burn. Open lids away from you.
– Use caution when removing items from the microwave.
– Wear sturdy footwear that can offer protection to your feet.

– Leave hot oil unattended.
– Lean over pots of boiling liquids.
– Spill water into hot oil.
– Allow pot handles or cooking utensils to stick out from the counter or stove front.
– Keep pot handles near burners.
– Use metal containers, foil or utensils in microwave ovens.


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